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Cant'e's Puppies Whelped 7/18/00
Photos taken at four weeks- 8/15/00

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8/17/00- We've just started them on solid food (more like mush) to start the weaning process. Also this week they've started exploring the world outside their welping pen. It's amazing how fast they get used to new surroundings and go exploring. Mom is starting to take more time for herself and let the pups have more independence. (I think their teeth have something to do with this.) See you next week!

#1. Real food?
#2. Lets get ready to ruuumble!!
#3. Let us down! Let us down!
#4. Is mom in there?
#5. Pose #1
#6. Pose #2
#7. Where's the water?
#8. The grass is tickling my butt!
#9. Where's she going?
#10. Think there's more of that new food?