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Cant'e's Puppies Whelped 7/18/00
Photos taken at five weeks- 8/22/00

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8/23/00- The puppies are almost weaned off mom this week. They are becoming more adventurous. It's really fun to take them out and watch them play. They are always moving when they're out, which makes it very hard to get good photos. They are all developing pretty much at the same pace, which makes it hard to distinguish them from each other, though my girls seem to have no problem doing so. Have a good week!

#1. Lets go PLAY!
#2. Last one there's a rotten egg!
#3. Hide & seek?
#4. I know you're here somewhere?
#5. Hear me roar!
#6. Whooooo!
#7. Time to go home!
#8. Wait I'm stuck!
#9. Whoa, finally made it!
#10. O.K., I'm home, HELLO?