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Cant'e's Puppies Whelped 7/18/00
Photos taken at six weeks- 8/29/00

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8/30/00- They are SO big! Look at the difference in just a few weeks. I'm so glad we started this puppy update because it has also helped us realize how fast they grow! We'll be keeping the entire event as a special "Puppy Page" on our web site for future viewers and those of you who would like to know what Dane pups are like in the first few weeks. In any case, they are doing great! Mom is weaned off but with visitation rights, (she really doesn't want to deal with them (the teeth) anymore.) But are they adventurous! I hope the pictures we're sending you do them justice. Have a safe Labor Day Holiday!

#1. Man... I feel like a woman!
#2. Vineger & oil?
#3. Head Rest
#4. We're getting too big for this!
#5. Stepping stones
#6. O.K., elbows off the table.
#7. High five!!
#8. Sqeeeeze!
#9. Ahh... Shade!
#10. W.N.B.A Superstar!