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Cant'e's Puppies Whelped 7/18/00
Photos taken at seven weeks- 9/5/00

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9/6/00- Well, this will be our last installment of pictures for this litter. They will be picked up by their new families later this week. Three of them had their ears cropped yesterday, 9/5/00, and everything went great. They have grown so much in the seven weeks its amazing to see them in sequence (see below). We'll be saving all the posts and pictures in a separate page in a future update. Thanks for enjoying them with us!

#1. Don't crop'm, I can make'm stand, SEE!
#2. Afternoon stroll
#3. Remember the Flying Nun?
#4. What?
#5. Wax on...
#6. ...Wax off
#7. Watching the grass grow
#8. The Coneheads
#9. Watchdog
#10. We'll miss them, Carol