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We've been showing and breeding Great Danes since 1984. Our first Dane was Zanzabar, a brindle male which we obedience trained. He achieved his CD title in 1987 and ranked third in U.S. Great Dane standings.

Tahoe, pictured here, a Ch. Honeylane Highlight daughter bred by Linda Morelli, produced Cody, (Ch. Kwikdane Fontana's Lakota Gold; bred by Carol Kwiotek & Linda Morelli; ( See Cody's pedigree).

We owned and loved Cant'e who earned her Championship title in 1997, (Ch. Weaver's Heart of M.K.M.'s v Baraga; bred by Elaine Weaver & Kathy Baraga; (See Cant'e's pedigree) Her offspring are included in our Puppy Picture Archive.

Our current Danes are (in order of age):
Sierra (Ch. KrisdaKennedys Kwik Fix V M.K.) who was bred by Susan E. Yotive, Connie Kennedy & Treasure Hauer. (See Sierra's pedigree) She became a champion at 19 months of age with (16) points and (3) Majors. (See Sierra's Show Album) Everyone thinks she's beautiful, as do we (24 month photos). See a one minute video of Sierra:; 3.8MB download. Download WinZip (Free). She is now enjoying retirement watching her offspring follow in her success.

Phoenix (Kwikdane's Golden Sands Forever), one of Sierra's offspring from her 2002 litter with Gunnar.



Roscoe, (Ch. Kwikdane's You Got The Best Of Me) is from Sierra's 2004 breeding with Casey and turned three May 21, 2007. He became a Champion on November 27, 2005. Roscoe is a very passionate and loving dog. Meeting new people (especially kids!) at dog shows is one of his favorite things to do. He's always looking for someone new to hug! Roscoe is proven and available for stud to approved bitches.

VickiVicki (Weco-Dane's Victoria's Secret)
, bred by Wendy Cox, is the new addition to our family. She turned two years old September 6th, 2007. Keep an eye out for her in the show ring.



Latest News 12/8/07

Who, What, When, Where, (you know Why): Updating soon.

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Puppy Picture Archive

12/8/07- They have recovered from crop better than ever before and are growing more everyday. They are a very smart litter, you show them something once and they catch on very fast! This is the last week for pictures and I hope you have enjoyed them. We still have one female left looking for a good home and we will be growing out two for show. Have a great Holiday Season!

11/27/07- The time has come for us to get the pups ready for their new homes. We have one that has a new family in Florida and one in Georgia. (No white Christmas for them... those lucky dogs, but they they did have a white Thanksgiving!) The others have homes here locally or are staying with us to grow out for show. Those that will get cropped are scheduled for the end of this week. Enjoy this week's Pic's!

11/21/07- Six weeks old now and very active. They had so much fun this weekend with our Grand-daughter, Chase. She couldn't get enough of the puppies. We wish the weather was better so we could take them out for their photos... maybe next week. We'll work on another video too. I hope you all enjoy these and Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week!

11/12/07- Five weeks old, more playful than ever, growing every day! They are starting to loudly express their opinions, it makes us laugh! They're so cute. Here are this week's pic's and video. Enjoy!

11/4/07- The puppies have turned four weeks old today. They have really grown a lot this past week and are enjoying their new teeth playing with each other and their toys. See this week's pic's and video.

10/30/07- The puppies turned three weeks old this past Sunday and are getting bigger every day. We introduced them to dog food this week along with nursing. They really enjoyed the solid food. With their eyes and ears fully open now, they have become much more playful and enjoy their puppy toys. We'll have a video next week along with the regular pic's, but in the mean time enjoy this week's pic's!

10/22/07- Well here we are at two weeks old. They have grown so much. Their eyes are open and they've become very playfull! Mom is kept constantly busy and the pups take long naps after wearing each other out after play-time. Here are week two pic's. See you next week!

10/14/07- On Sunday, October 7th, 2007 Phoenix (Kwikdane's Golden Sands Forever) welped a litter of seven pups, four females and three males! Everyone is healthy and doing great. They are very strong and active. This is Phoenix's third litter and she's a great mom. We've posted the birth week pic's of the new litter. Enjoy the pics!

What to look for in a breeder

We believe breeders should be more than a source for a new puppy. They should be a source for information and help too. The potential for a lifelong contact, even friendship, should be considered. Your investment is more than just monetary, this is a new family member you're looking for. Review their ethics, commitment, and knowledge. There is a lot to learn in caring for a Great Dane. To get started we help our clients with some do's and don'ts. See our Great Dane Puppy Care instructions for an example of what you should expect from a breeder.

What to look for in a puppy

Consider what you're goals are first. Are you looking for a pet only, or will you be showing you're dog with the hopes of a championship? If the latter, you'll want to bone up on what's out there in the show ring. Even if you're only interested in a pet, you'll benefit by seeing as many conformationally correct examples as you can. Even so, picking a puppy with the hopes of a champion is part luck, but starting with a good pedigree will eliminate a lot of the guesswork.Make sure the puppy is well socialized. A happy active puppy is a good sign that the puppy has had a lot of personal contact and will have an easier adjustment into you're home.

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Check out the search engine on my Amazon.Com link- lots of books on Great Danes, among other things. You can do the same at Barnes & Noble ( by linking to their site and searching "Great Danes". Another good one to search is Ebay, you wouldn't believe all the stuff a Great Dane search comes up with there. I've also found some good deals at all the other sites! Check them out!



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