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You want to feed LOW PROTEIN Dog Food. (I feed Eukanuba Adult Lamb & Rice, protein 23% fat 14%)

Feed at least 3 times a day as long as they hold a good weight. I stop all feedings by 6pm. Doing so helps with house training. Food is soaked in water approx. 20 min. Uneaten food can be stored in the refrigerator as can presoaked food. Feed as much as your pup will eat at one sitting.

We give vitamin C for the first two years. This helps keep feet tight during the teething and growing period.

DO NOT GIVE YOUR PUP RAW HIDE it can soften and be swallowed causing potential intestinal surgery. Our pups love knotted ropes and pig ears.


I recommend crating your pup when you’re not home and at night. It gives them a secure feeling and you know were they are. Puppy proof your house, if one of my pups get into anything I figure it’s my fault.

Puppies potty as soon as they eat and wake up. Try to wake your pup up and take it outside before it has a chance to have an accident.

Don’t buy any nice blankets yet, all pups chew, I use old blankets, sheets, towels, anything you’re not worried about possibly being chewed.


Anything you let them do as a pup they will do as an adult. Keep commands short, no bite; no jump; sit; come; down; stay. Anytime you reprimand your pup back it up with praise, you don’t want to break there spirit. Danes want to please and are very people oriented. I believe raising a pup is like raising a toddler, if you give your pup one year of patience and consistency you will have a great dog. Socialize your pup after your series of the three puppy shots and it's Bordetella shot. Take your pup everywhere you can and expose your pup to new sounds and different environments.


Worming-Nemex-2 ; Shots- Vanguard Plus 5/CV

I highly recommend giving your pup Bordetella nasal injection to protect them against Kennel Cough. It is an air born disease and can be caught anywhere.


Shots- Vanguard Plus 5/CV
______________________________ 6wks_________________________Given
______________________________ 9wks_________________________
______________________________ 12wks_________________________

If  you have a question please contact us.
Thank you and enjoy your new puppy!
Carol & Erwin Kwiotek
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