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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 6/1/01
Photos taken at birth- 6/1/01

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6/2/01- Sierra officially became a Mom at 5:30am Friday, June 1st! She continued to give birth to 10 puppies through 8pm Friday night. She had 6 males (one brindle and five fawn) and 4 females (two brindle and two fawn). Mom and all puppies are doing fine. As for my husband and I, its been a long couple of days. These photos were taken with a digital camera and the red color in some of the photos comes from the heat lamp we keep the whelping area warm with. See some recent photos of Sierra.

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#1. First Moments
#2. Concerned Mom
#3. The Gang's Together
#4. Mouthfull
#5. Size Doesn't Matter
#6. Float'n
#7. Dream'n
#8. Snuggl'n
#9. Smile'n
#10. Snoozin