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Carol & Erwin Kwiotek of Lapeer, Michigan
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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 4/26/02
Photos taken at Two Weeks- 5/10/02

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5/12/02- This week they have all opened their eyes! They have also taken their first steps!. There is no stopping them now. The world is full of new experiences and they are loving it. Mom is still hanging in there, but they are getting big fast. She misses being the center of attention so she gets a break once in a while and hangs with us while we watch TV in the evenings and the "kids" are asleep.

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#1. Growing fast!
#2. Dreaming
#3. Play-time
#4. Getting to know each other
#5. Mug Shot
#6. Going for a ride
#7. Guess which one's a girl?
#8. Isn't it obvious?
#9. Snoozin
#10. Zzzzzzzzzzzz