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Carol & Erwin Kwiotek of Lapeer, Michigan
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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 4/26/02
Photos taken at Six Weeks- 6/7/02

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6/11/02- They have started playing with toys. Squeaky toys are their favorites. They've tried stealing Sierra's food but we've found them out and eliminated the opportunity. It's like dealing with teenageres! Take a look at this weeks photos and video and you'll understand! Have Fun!

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#1. I Spy
#2. Meat Eaters
#3. Patience
#4. Lookout
#5. Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!
#6. Lewis & Tyson
#7. Taking Flight
#8. Rin-Tin-Tin
#9. Laying in Wait
#10. Where's that Ant?