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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 4/26/02
Photos taken at Seven Weeks- 6/14/02

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6/19/02- This is the final week for pictures and updates on our latest litter. We will be keeping a couple of the girls to grow them out and hopefully one or both will become our next champion('s). The rest are going to their new homes where I'm sure they will have long and happy lives. Some of those may also become champions and we will keep you informed of their progress and where you can see them at the shows. I hope you all have enjoyed sharing their first weeks with us, we've certainly enjoyed making them available for the world to see!

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#1. They love snacks!
#2. Think they can read?
#3. Scooby Snack
#4. I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
#5. Yes, you can feed the animals here
#6. Lovies
#7. Armfull
#8. Pretty
#9. Hey! I think dinner's coming!
#10. Make room would ya?