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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 7/18/03
Photos taken at One Week- 7/25/03

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7/27/03- Thirteen pups are a lot of work for mom & me but we're both keeping up and they are growing fast. Check out the difference between this week's picture 10 and last week's picture 9. I've been sleeping on a lawnchair recliner in the welping room to keep them on a nursing schedule around the clock. Sierra is doing great, I couldn't ask for a better mom. Next week we expect their eyes to start opening! See you then!

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#1. They were all in her last week?
#2. Baker's dozen
#3. Listening for mommy's heartbeat
#4. Raspberries 2003
#5. Snooze
#6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
#7. They must be.......???
#8. .....Larry, Moe & Curly!!!
#9. This is hard work!
#10. But it's worth it!