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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 6/1/01
Photos taken at one week- 6/8/01

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6/11/01- The pups are great and growing fast. I've been sleeping on a cot in the welping room just in case they need help. With ten of them, I have to do a count every so often to make sure none of them are hiding. They are already able to climb out of the box-beds they sleep in when not nursing. First time mom, Sierra, is a natural. I couldn't ask for more. Next week we expect to start seeing their eyes opening and taking their first steps!

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#1. "You get used to it."
#2. Raspberries
#3. "OK, I'll wait my turn."
#4. Twins
#5. Hurdles
#6. Our girls named her Camel
#7. Cuddle 1
#8. Cuddle 2
#9. Cuddle 3
#10. Not a care in the world