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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 6/1/01
Photos taken at week four- 6/29/01

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Puppy Picture Archive

7/02/01- This week the puppies have really become active. They spend a couple hours outside every day and have a chance to spread their "wings". They really love our girls because they always want to play too. Sierra is regaining here figure very quickly and seems to be happy to spend time away from her pups, but still very maternal when she hears one of them whine. I hope you enjoy Week Four pictures as much as we had putting them together for you!

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#1. Puppy food on the nose?
#2. Bath Time!
#3. Scrub-a dub-dub
#4. Inspection
#5. Adventure
#6. Strut'n
#7. Where did he go?
#8. I'm right here!
#9. Kisses!
#10. You talk'n to me?