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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 6/1/01
Photos taken at week five- 7/6/01

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Puppy Picture Archive

7/09/01- The pups are fully weaned off mom this week and they are starting to enjoy an occational dog treat as you'll see in the Week Five Pictures. They really have become rascals. Socialization through fun and frolick is the name of the game right now! Enjoy!

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#1. Pennies in a Bottle
#2. Playing Fetch
#3. Snack Time
#4. "Can I have just one more?"
#5. "We've got to hide while he counts to 10!"
#6. "Let's go this way"
#7. "I don't know where to hide!"
#8. "Gotcha!"
#9. "You can't catch me!"
#10. "We're tired!"