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Sierra's Puppies Whelped 6/1/01
Photos taken at week six- 7/13/01

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Puppy Picture Archive

7/15/01- This week we decided to post a picture of each of the pups. Since we had ten pups and we always post ten pictures it worked out perfectly. They love being outside, we moved our 10 x 10 portable kennel in a nice shady area where they spend much of the daytime. They are now divided up into two indoor pens at night because they have grown so big.

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#1. Brindle Bitch "Camel"
#2. Brindle Bitch "Desert"
#3. Brindle Dog "Munch"
#4. Fawn Bitch "Daisy"
#5. Fawn Dog "Tippy"
#6. Fawn Dog "Spike"
#7. Fawn Bitch "May"
#8. Fawn Dog "Buddy"
#9. Fawn Dog "Sony"
#10. Fawn Dog "Rack"